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David Luiz and Bernard ❤❤❤

An interview of David from Goal talking about him and Bernard (x)

David Luiz is teasing Bernard. He has been from the moment he realised his mate was ready to get some sleep on the long flight to Johannesburg.

He begins by literally tucking the 21-year-old 5’5” Shakhtar star into bed. Once he’s deemed the fit sufficiently snug, Luiz starts singing him a lullaby. By the time he takes out a book to begin reading aloud Bernard’s ‘bedtime story’, Chelsea team-mates Willian and Oscar are laughing hysterically. 

“Bernard is like my little brother,” says David Luiz in an exclusive interview with Gillette Brasil Global Tour.

When he first came into the squad I told him I’d help him and protect him. It’s part of my job as Brazil’s second captain.

"He has a great heart, we have a great relationship and we always have fun.”

Fun seems to follow David Luiz wherever he goes. Once he realises his young team-mate really is ready to get some rest, David hugs him and moves on to the selection of films available on board. He opts for Denzel Washington’s Flight. His choice is met with curious glances and chuckles from those around him. 


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